Medical Massage

While massage is a popular long-term self-care tool, it can also be  effective in the treatment of injuries, medical conditions, and accident  recovery. If you are involved in a car accident your massage may be  covered by PIP insurance.



Car Accident Claims – Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

If you own a car and have car insurance, you may have Personal Injury  Protection coverage, also known as “PIP” coverage (unless you waived  this provision on your policy).

If you have an accident, and you have PIP, normally your auto  insurance company will cover your medical needs whether it is your fault  or not. You will need a prescription from your doctor, a claim number,  the date the accident happened, and the name and telephone number of the   adjuster from your personal car insurance company.

If the accident was the fault of the other car, the other driver’s  insurance is called “third party coverage.” We do not bill the other  driver’s insurance for third-party coverage. We will only bill your own  insurance. Please call your car insurance company and ask if they will  cover your expenses under your PIP coverage and mediate with the other  insurance company for you. In that case, we will bill your auto  insurance for your payments. If your insurance company will not do this  for you, you can still receive massage by paying when you are in the  office for your treatment and seek reimbursement from the other driver’s  insurance company when you settle with them.


We must have a current prescription for Massage Therapy (not Physical Therapy) on file for you.   Please let us know that you need medical insurance billing when  scheduling your first appointment. Please contact your insurance  provider to verify benefits.

Medical massage is billed for up to one hour per visit.  You are  welcome to schedule a longer massage with the understanding that  anything over an hour is your responsibility and is due at the time of  service.

We regret that we are unable to bill secondary or third party insurance.

Insurance-covered medical massage is billed at  $145 per hour.

All medical insurance clients must sign a copy of our billing policy at the time of service.

Your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance provider.  You are responsible for payment of services regardless of the amount  your insurance pays.

As a courtesy we will file insurance claims on your behalf. You are  responsible for any amount not covered by your insurance provider for any reason.

Plan on arriving fifteen minutes early to your first appointment to  allow time to complete paperwork necessary for insurance billing.


Health Insurance

Due to the decision of health insurance providers to continue to lower the allowable amount for massage charges in a world where costs are rising, we are no longer able to offer health insurance billed insurance.