Full body massage relaxes muscles, stimulates circulation, and provides
feelings of tranquility and a heightened sense of well-being.

All massage services are performed by our extensively trained and
Licensed Massage Practitioners. Each guest is modestly draped for overall

Amai Signature Massage

After a brief consultation, our skilled massage therapists will work with you to determine the best combination of modalities to ensure maximum benefits and relaxation.
55 min: $115
85 min: $155
110 min: $225


Choose from 4 aromatherapy journies…  Relax, Revive, Balance or Immunity Booster.
Start off your personalized journey with an custom blended inhalation therapy.  Then enjoy our signature massage with another custom blended massage cream in the length of your choosing.During your massage, you will also be treated to an aromatherapy spinal treatment.
55 min: $130
85 min: $170

Heated Stone

Heated stones are used to alleviate pain and tension as opposed to pressure.  Heat penetrates deep into the muscles providing a state a well being and relaxation.
55 min: $130
85 min: $170

Refresher Massage

Emphasis on relieving pressure and strain on requested areas by using Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques to improve circulation.
25 min: $89


A soothing journey for both mother and baby…
A pregnancy massage assists in relieving lower back and hip pain, water retention, and
sciatica problems and is performed using special bolsters so you are positioned on the
table for maximum comfort and support at all times during the treatment.
55 min: $115
85 min: $155


Relieve tension with this ancient form of massage that stimulates the reflex areas of your feet.
25 min: $89
55 min: $125

Morrocanoil Scalp Massage

Close your eyes and allow us to massage all of your tension away using  hair-
rejuvenating morrocanoil.  The perfect upgrade to ANY service.
20 min: $51