We are happy to let you know that we have had zero cases of COVID spread at Amai Day Spa. This hasn’t happened by accident. We are committed to any and all measures necessary to ensure that you can have a safe and enjoyable treatment at Amai!

Designed and approved by our in-house Medical Expert, our COVID protocol ensure a safe and relaxing visit for you.  We have integrated current evidence and research findings in order to keep our clients and staff safe, and will continue to follow recommendations from our State, the CDC, and other professional medical sources. In addition to some digital enhancements we’ve made to our guest experience, like cashless transactions and auto check-in/out, we’re putting just as much care into what’s unseen during your visit.  

Health Checks

  • Guests be will reminded of health requirements when they schedule their appointment, as part of their confirmation, 48 and 24 hours before coming in, at the door, and right before their service
  • Any guest reporting and/or experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms will be politely asked to reschedule at a later date
  • Guest temperatures will be checked upon entering the salon with contactless thermometers. Guests with temperatures measuring above 100.4 F will be asked to reschedule to a later date
  • All employees will go through a health screening at the start of each shift, including a temperature check, and be sent home if experiencing any COVID-19 like symptoms
  • All guests and employees experiencing symptoms will be asked to follow CDC guidelines regarding duration of self-isolation before coming back into the Salons & Spas

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • All team members will be required to wear masks and may be wearing face shields and gloves, depending upon service
  • Guests will be required to wear face masks. If they arrive at the spa without a mask, they will have the opportunity to purchase one for $2.
  • If you need special accommodation for any of the appointment safety requirements, please contact us in advance of booking.

Social distancing

  • Arrival – Guests should arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow us additional time to get you checked in.  Unfortunately, due to extra time required to disinfect before and after services, we will not be able to accommodate late arrivals.
  • Service – We maintain the recommended six feet distance between our guests during their service
  • Departure – while contactless check out is available, floor stickers encourage social distancing if more than one guest enters the retail area
  • Greetings – our employees are trained on touchless greetings, avoiding hand shaking, hugs, and other non-essential contact

Minimizing physical touch points

  • Cashless transactions are available for payments and tips via credit card
  • We have paused our beverage services and removed waiting area magazines
  • For your safety, we will be keeping our common area to a limited number of people during this time and our relaxation area is closed.

Air quality

  • Our rooms have air purifiers to continuously filter the air
  • Spa treatment rooms are aired out for 15 minutes between guests

Highest standards of sanitization

  • Impermeable bedding has been added to all treatment beds and are thoroughly disinfected between guests
  • Our common area surfaces are routinely disinfected throughout the day
  • As always, service implements are disinfected between guests
  • We ensure frequent and thorough hand-washing for everyone
  • Amai staff will be taking appropriate precautions with protective equipment such as; masks, face shields, and protective clothing.  As such, all services will incur an additional PPE fee of $5 per visit to cover the costs of state mandated PPE requirements.   

We understand and prioritize your health and safety at Amai Day Spa. We will continue to ensure the highest health and safety standards for all. We are all in this together!

Most importantly, remember to RELAX, RECHARGE, and BREATHE!

Jamie Black-Lewis
Owner, Amai Day Spa